Selecting different pens camera

The colored mini camera in a pen can be seen as part of an extremely unobtrusive security system with mini radio transmitter, which is flexible and easy to position. Slight movements of the person writing does not affect. It is possible, transmitted pictures and audio signals to a television monitor, video recorder, computer, or wireless radio surveillance monitor to be connected.

The pen with camera eye can also be used for writing. Pen with mini cameras can greatly facilitate monitoring and afford especially good services in the recording of offenses, since few objects can be placed as close and unobtrusively on a backup object as a ballpoint pen with a spy camera is the case.

Spy Cameras in pens are not the only possible spy camera, which can guarantee a very unobtrusive observation exercise. The installation of pinhole cameras and such in door viewers, as well as the use of an inconspicuous spy camera in for example a teddy bear can be used to transmit clear images of a possible crime scene. While Spycam in the bear is mainly in the private sector and in small childcare benefit, the use of a mini camera in the peephole on input ranges, which are transmitted from the events on a surveillance monitor concentrated. Thus it can be seen directly from the workstation or from the television armchair from which visitors announce at the entrance or wish to gain access.

This type of surveillance technology and that of the Mini electronics can also be found in so-called Pinholekameras which represents an almost invisible and extremely effective prevention for monitoring all possible areas with about four cm length and a diameter of just one cm. A hidden in a tube Spy camera with image sensor with high sensitivity IR also provides sufficient characteristics in nocturnal missions or those of poorly lit Observierungsorten.